Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chicken Rice at Restoran Seri Mualaf

Restoran Seri Mualaf
B-8-10-12, Tingkat Bawah
Lorong Tun Ismail4
Jalan Bukit Ubi
25200 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur (next to Kuantan Plaza)
Tel : 09-515 8107 (Taufiq Wong)
Hours : 10.30am to 10.30pm (Closed On Sundays)

Calvin, Zarni and I had lunch at one of our favourite Nasi Ayam place called Restoran Seri Mualaf. This is one of our favourite haunts for lunch.

Restoran Seri Mualaf serves authentic chinese food with a halal concept. This restaurant serves food ranging from fish, chicken, beef and venison dishes cooked in authentic chinese styles. It also serves ala carte dishes such as mee goreng, nasi goreng etc, all in Chinese style cooking. It also has a banquet hall that can seat 150 people, and does catering for functions outside. The owner is a convert Chinese Muslim, Mr. Taufiq Wong.

The attraction for us in this restaurant is the Nasi Ayam. The Nasi Ayam is a simple dish that could be prepared quickly and is very delicious... Yummyyyyyyyy..... We have also had other dishes there before and they were of equally good quality. The meat chicken meat was tender, the rice smells great and the spice and herbs were completely there for you to taste.

All 3 of us had the nasi ayam today, due to the limited time we had for lunch. All 3 agreed that the quality of food is good and the service is quick and efficient. Food presentation was practical for quick eating, no fuss and unnecessary items.

For drinks we had teh o laici, soursop juice and watermelon juice. All in, the bill came up to RM20.00, which I think is very reasonable.


awang said...

A really good place to eat!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

My ratings

presentation : 4/5
quality : 4/5
service : 4/5
pricing : 3.5/5

Would recommend those who hungers of chicken.

Ayu-Dcs said...

saya tak tau apasal abgz arni suka sgt nasi ayam mualaf ni....saya masak lagi sedap...hahaha