Monday, August 18, 2008

Sara Thai Kitchen - Southern Thai Style Cooking

Sara Thai Kitchen
No 66, Jalan Telok Sisek
25000 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel : 012-967 1010
Opening Hours : 1.00pm till 11.45 pm
Left to right : Teh O Ais, Air Kosong and Sirap Hijau (Combo of sirap and a hint of pandan.. very nice!)
Hmmm... its been some time since I updated my reviews. Have been busy with work, and very little time for anything else. Now that I have tendered my resignation at RHB, I have a bit more time on my hands, so here's the update!
Calvin, Kok and I decided to have lunch at a location close to our office since most of the staff are on leave as it is school holiday, so that should any emergency occurs we can rush back to the office. So, Sara Thai kitchen is the obvious choice.
Sara Thai Kitchen is a restaurant serving authentic Thai cuisine. The operators and cooks comes form Southern Thai from areas such as Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala. In fact, you could hear them conversing amongst themselves in Thai if you care to listen.
Sara Thai serves "masakan panas" such as thomyam, fish dishes, meat, chicken etc, and it also serves ala carte. Being pressed for time, we chose ala carte today. All are cooked in authentic southern Thai cooking style.
From left to right : Nasi Goreng Kimau, Mee Hon Phad Siew, Nasi Goreng Kluk Kapi and Udang Goreng Tepung.

I had Mee Hoon Goreng Phad Siew, which basically means Mee Hoon Goreng Biasa. Nonetheless, it is very tasty. It is a bit tangy, not too much though, and there is a hint of soy sauce, pepper, and the usual herbs and spices used, all mixed at the right amounts as not to accentuate any taste to be more predominant from the rest. It also comes with generous bits of chicken, prawns, eggs, cuttlefish and veggies. The portion is also good and I am quite full after polishing this plate off and sharing the Udang Goreng Tepung between the 3 of us. Burpppp...... :)
I rate this dish as such:
Taste : 4 /5
Presentation : 3.5 / 5
Price : 4 / 5

Calvin had the Nasi Goreng Kluk Kapi, which means Nasi Goreng Belacan. It comes with Kerabu Mangga, Black Pepper Chicken and Fried Eggs. Calvin's comments are "The rice was cooked to perfection with hints of garlic and belacan. The kerabu mangga was a little bland to my liking. The eggs were ok and the chicken was a little cold. But the combination of the three elements complimented the serving".
Calvin's Ratings :
Taste : 4/5
Presentation : 3.5/5
Price : 4/5

Kok had the Nasi Goreng Kimau Ayam, kimau meaning selasih. Kok commented that the combination of taste is good and he enjoyed the dish very much. Being the quite, strong type, Kok declined to comment further... hehehehehehhe....

I rate the overall experience as such:
Taste : 4/5
Quality : 4/5
Service : 4/5
Presentation : 3.5/5
Total bills came to RM22.80, very reasonable, I'd say.
All in, good dining, fast and tasty. This is a definite must try for Thai cooking kakis. If we do go here next time, I will review the "masakan panas"! Till next time, ciao!